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PAGS® is an innovative and informative platform that provides the personalised approach that all learners deserve. Boosting the learning and psycho-social development of those with special educational needs using the graduated approach to secure positive outcomes.

Why PAGS® stands out from the crowd

Produces personalised quality first teaching strategies

PAGS® creates bespoke quality first teaching strategies to support an individual's learning needs.  PAGS® strategies can be applied solely within the school setting or in collaboration: with parents, teachers, external professionals.

Focuses on progress for each learner's starting point

PAGS® is a live tool providing immediate access to personalised learning profiles, plans, targets and outcomes.  Progress can be tracked daily, empowering learners fulfil their potential, raise their self perception as a learner and be ready to take on the next challenge.

Designed by teachers and psychologists

PAGS® has been designed and researched by specialists in Special Educational Needs ‘best practice’.

Supports any curriculum design globally

PAGS® has been designed to complement and work alongside any curriculum worldwide.

Produces statistical information

PAGS® generates detailed assessment data and reports to evidence progress which can be downloaded and shared using a multiagency approach.

Remains with the learner to support transition
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At PAGS® we believe in the potential of every child; with the help of our tool, we provide solutions to overcome learning and psycho-social barriers

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People believe in PAGS®

“Often your child is surrounded by four different professionals who are following different targets from their professional perspective. With PAGS®, all these services are bounded together, offering a holistic view of your son/daughter.”

Dr Bruhl Kwan
Clinical Psychologist
Karen Verbeeck
Karen Verbeeck

The biggest advantage is that you can work on these issues much quicker. The quicker that these basic learning and life skills are taught and recognised, the quicker the child can be helped.

Dr Jo Van Herwegen
Dr Jo Van Herwegen
Associate Professor

PAGS® questionnaires, including social interaction and social awareness and self-regulation scales, correlated significantly with the standardised questionnaires implying strong validity in these areas. This suggests that the PAGS® provides a reliable way to measure learners’ profiles in the areas of self-regulation, social interaction, and social awareness

Kerrie Henton
Kerrie Henton

At Stone Soup Academy we are dedicated to creating unimagined futures through the application of new technologies like PAGS. By working with PAGS, we have been able to increase the number of students receiving tailored, high quality and creative SEND input thanks to the time-saving benefits of the platform.

A network of experts ready to work with your child
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A digital psychosocial analysis tool, built for the 21st century
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A digital tool that provides a holistic assessment of pupils and real-time progress tracking
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Benefits of PAGS®
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PAGS® is an online platform for parents who want a more adapted  education for their child, or better support. Test your child in a very affordable way.

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Built and supported by international SEN experts PAGS® gives you access to the best professionals to support your child.

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We generate measurable improvements within the weeks and stay with your child for as along you need it. You can share the evidence with professionals and the school.

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PAGS® uses targeted questions to provide tailor-made recommendations on the areas for improvement to help your child achieve success.

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One in five children have a special educational need
Many schools do not have the expertise to meet the diverse range of needs within their settings. As a result, every year, millions of children fall behind.  
Developed and validated by international SEN specialists,
PAGS® gives you access to the best professionals to support your child.
PAGS® provides an online platform for parents requiring a greater level of support or more adapted and bespoke education for their child.  
Evidence of progress towards outcomes can be seen within a matter of weeks and an updated profile of need will remain with the learner for as long as required.
Multiagency information sharing can take place with ease.
PAGS® uses targeted questions to provide personalised recommendations on the learners main areas of need in order to maximise their progress and remove any barriers.
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